Why Bourbon & Butter?

Because they’re good. And they make each other better.

Who Are Bourbon and Butter?

Creative Director Tim Nauman and Editorial Director Tabitha Alterman.

What is Bourbon & Butter?

The Bourbon & Butter team is dedicated to finding and creating rich life experiences and damn good food, and then sharing what we’ve learned with our audience. We enjoy tracking down food stories all over the world. At home, our kitchen is filled with culinary science experiments, especially of the fermented variety. We feel lucky that we get to tell these stories and promote the valuable work of good food folks everywhere.

Whether we’re visiting a roadside pincho stand in Vieques; sampling a tasting menu at Jean Georges’ ABC Kitchen in NYC; or researching the many iterations of perfect piecrust in our office, we love to gain new experiences and expand our knowledge of cooking.

We try to dive as deeply as possible into any new recipe or food project before giving it back to the world. For example, for our Pastrami Project (link coming soon…), we have sampled some of the world’s best pastrami, talked to the artisans behind the goods, researched pastrami making techniques over time, broken down the science, sourced the best ingredients and recreated at home what we believe is as good as or even better than any famous pastrami out there.

Our Mission For This Website

While we enjoy reading many personal food blogs, our goal with this website is not to tell you much about ourselves (beyond this page—that’s what you came here for). We have a lot to share and plenty to teach about food. Our goal is to inspire and educate.

If you are like us, then you are enamored of quality ingredients, enjoy the process of preparing food (perhaps finding it meditative at times), and aim to understand cooking more fully. We hope we can help you become a better cook and give you plenty of ideas for crafting memorable food experiences.

Tabitha Alterman - Editorial Director
tabitha alterman

I’ve always felt at home working with food or words, and I’ve aligned these passions at every possible opportunity. Since the moment I quit my first job—an almost-soul-stealing stint at a crappy clothing store, age 16—it has been my mission to do meaningful work that I love. And I’ve been lucky in love.

These interests have taken me from a popular restaurant in Memphis, Tennessee, where I tried my hand at every position from bartender to manager; to a farming and marketing apprenticeship at an organic coffee farm in Hawaii’s Kona Coffee Belt; then to a career in magazine journalism, a community garden in East Harlem and a United Nations delegate position in New York City.

These days I’m working on growing my small family, a small garden (I have no sun to speak of, but I try), and my collection of original recipes, cookbooks and other food writing projects. I also cook and style food for photo shoots and video productions.

As Senior Associate Editor for Mother Earth News, the nation’s leading sustainable lifestyle magazine, I managed the food and gardening beats for print and web, and wrote the Real Food department, food features and most of the content for the magazine’s food blog. After 10 years with the magazine, I moved on to pursue personal projects, but I still maintain an active role as Contributing Editor. (Check out some of my work for Mother Earth News here.)

As Food and Gardening Editor for Mother Earth Living, a sister magazine with a more urban and health-conscious readership, I write much of the food and garden departments, as well as feature articles. (Check out my work here.)

Tim Nauman - Creative Director
tim nauman

Making food and sharing food experiences is one of my favorites things in life. I feel lucky to be able to extend the love of food into my photography. I create images of food for magazines, books and restaurants.

Being inspired by new food experiences is what drives my photography. Learning about new places and techniques and translating that into beautiful images is my aspiration.

With Bourbon & Butter images, you will find the gamut of farm to table—from produce grown in home gardens and farms to cooking action shots and finished dishes. Everything is meant to draw you in, much like the aroma of a kitchen.

With over 20 years of photography and videography experience, I take great care in creating images of the highest quality. I use several cameras to produce the images: medium format for close-ups and amazing detail, and DSLRs for great market shots.

I hope you enjoy all of what we bring to Bourbon & Butter. Each image, recipe and story is designed to be relished and shared just like any great food.